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Rick likes both kinds of music: country and metal. Okay, he has a voracious appetite for music and likes a lot more than that. But, more often than not, he travels a strange middle ground that, to him feels like home— a place somewhere in between rock, spaghetti western, blues and rockabilly.

He’s also itching to start a space-rock-fake-movie-soundtrack band where he makes beats and masters 70s era-bass synth — so look out.

Past Bands

The County Reeves

The County Reeves are long-time veterans from the Calgary rockabilly, country and punk/rock scenes. Our band histories include: Agriculture Club, Black Dirt of the West, The Culls, The Black Coffee Cowboys, The Pines, and The Jamies.

Over the years we have played with Elliot Brood, Fred Eaglesmith, Corb Lund, Carolyn Mark, Joe Keithly/DOA, Reverend Horton Heat, the Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, and White Cowbell Oklahoma to name a few.

Black Dirt of the West

With Smooth Bomber on bass, Lorne Petersen on drums and Shane Roberts on lead guitar we were… countrified metal? I’m not sure, but we played for a few years in the mid-2000s, released a 7-inch, opened for bands like the Reverend Horton Heat, the Supersuckers and Our Lady Peace and got written about in strange places like Hustler Magazine.

Visit again soon, I’ll have order details up for the 7-inch. Message me in the meantime if you just can’t wait!

Here’s proof of our existence:  Black Dirt Of The West | Discography | Discogs

The Culls

My first true country/roots band featuring Todd Maduke on guitar/mandolin, Mike Platt on bass and Mike Semnchuk on drums. Eventually Juanita Brandt replaced Todd, Lorne Petersen replaced Mike Semenchuk and the good times continued. Eventually we morphed into R. Overwater and the Culls, then R. Overwater and the County Reeves. When Agriculture Club superstar Colin Johnston joined the band, we became, simply, the County Reeves

Culls blurry live footage: The Culls at The Palomino, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA – YouTube

Youtube as R. Overwater and the Culls: R. Overwater: They Get Mexico – YouTube

R. Overwater: Mathematician Blues – YouTube

You can order our CD by contacting me.