I have an agent!

I am pleased as punch to now be represented by The Rights Factory, a literary agency based in Toronto. Back in 2021, having completed my UBC MFA and exiting with a thesis/manuscript to sell, I approached Calgary-based Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla. Wouldn’t you know it, she liked the book and has agreed to represent it, myself and my future works. I’m over the moon with this happy development.

The mantra we unsigned authors always hear is “don’t sign too easily, too early,” but I truly believe I am in good hands. The stuff I write can be a bit weird, if not entirely batshit crazy. It’s no crazier than much of the published work I, as a consumer, buy, but when I write my own stories I’m still tormented by the question “How far is too far?”

We talked at great length about our mutual appreciation for the hyper-violent, gratuitously sexualized Altered Carbon sci-fi series. We compared crime-noir writers we like, talked about comics I’d like to produce in the years to come, and discussed my commitment to keep at least one toe dipped in the Calgary music scene where I have so many friends. I emerged confident that I have found the right fit. With many of the business hassles that burden writers taken off my plate, I can now just focus on making good stories to sell.

You can check The Rights Factory out at Literary agency | The Rights Factory

If you haven’t already met Stacey at Calgary’s Owl’s Nest Books, where she sometimes moonlights, you can learn more at Stacey Kondla (RF website).