All Hail Our Robot Conquerors!

All Hail our Robot Conquerors

Put out by Zombie Needs Brains, this one contains Schematic Diagram of a Murder Bot, a little bit of dystopian robot-noir that certainly won’t be my last. You can find it here on Amazon.









Enigma Burnt

Enigma Front: Burnt

From elemental wizardry gone wickedly wrong to devilish deeds and futures up in flames, these twenty one stories set the pages ablaze exploring the myriad ways of getting singed, fried and outright incinerated. Read stories by established, award-winning authors, as well as newly ignited lights in the creative universe. Published by Analemma Books, it contains my story The Dim Beneath the Lights where I not only fall into the sci-fi category, it scratches the Weird West itch too. You can find it here on Amazon.








Tall Tales of the Weird West

Featuring some full-on noir by your ‘ol buddy Rick, this little gem features some bestselling authors and is helmed by my good friend Axel Howerton. It is put out by Coffin Hop Press , available on Amazon and a wealth of other places. I had the pleasure of
co-editing this and doing layout for the cover. Western themes mashed up with horror and sci-fi: If you know me, you know this is right up my alley!








ABNEG_OneSheet_cropAB Negative

“14 tawdry tales that turn Alberta into a hotspot of murder, mafia hitmen, gumshoes, biker gangs, femme fatales and sexpots.” Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

Good intentions are no match for good people with bad ideas. My own story Butch’s Last Lesson drives this home with more than a little bloodshed and depravity. Available from Coffin Hop Press and right here at Amazon.