R. Overwater is alive and has new stuff brewing

It has been a crazy couple of years! I’ve had more than a few heavy-duty medical calamities but in spite of it all, managed to accomplish a few things anyways. In spring 2021, I finished my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (MFA) at the University of British Columbia. My main focuses were novel writing, graphic novel studies, TV writing, creative non-fiction and a bit of … Continue reading R. Overwater is alive and has new stuff brewing

Rick Overwater is a longtime Calgary-based writer, musician, and all-around n’er-do-well. He’s been a journalist, publicist, corporate copywriter and has seen much of Canada in a rusty van—one bar at a time.  Born and raised in farming country, now faking it as a sophisticated urbanite, he is, eternally, the quintessential square peg in a round hole. He measures once and cuts twice, can see into the infrared spectrum, … Continue reading