No, seriously, I’m still a musician

This year I’ve written/started a pile of hard rock songs. I was a gigging musician before getting serious about fiction writing, and not having a live band up and running is killing me. Is it the on-stage adrenalin I miss, or the free beer?  Whichever, school and writing are driving the bus but I have been jamming sporadically with members of Cowpuncher and the Mad Bombers Society and my old County Reeves drummer Chuck Gould. It’s basically four not-young guys attempting to stave off a mid-life crisis, summon that last remaining teaspoon of testosterone, and replicate our fave Swedish rock bands like the Hellacopters, Graveyard etc. Our songs so far are a swirling mix of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, AC/DC and some SoCal punk . I imagine we’ll be on stage by 2039 at this rate. See the guy to
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