R. Overwater is alive and has new stuff brewing

It has been a crazy couple of years! I’ve had more than a few heavy-duty medical calamities but in spite of it all, managed to accomplish a few things anyways. In spring 2021, I finished my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (MFA) at the University of British Columbia. My main focuses were novel writing, graphic novel studies, TV writing, creative non-fiction and a bit of … Continue reading R. Overwater is alive and has new stuff brewing

How music and chemical warfare led to my latest short story

I was most pleased to be accepted into the Q3, 2021 edition of Abyss & Apex Magazine, a US publication that is quite well known in sci-fi circles. This time, I have a horror/alt-history/sci-fi novel entitled Vestigial Organs. It was inspired by the Kimball Organ in Canada’s National Music Centre (Studio Bell), a documentary I saw on mustard gas warfare, and Holst’s The Planets. Nice … Continue reading How music and chemical warfare led to my latest short story

Accolades for Futility & other comic news

Futility has a new home! Our pals at The Seventh Terrace are now the proud (we hope) purveyors of Futility. Our latest, Orange Planet Horror was not only our (us being artist Cam Hayden and myself) first full-length graphic novel, it also earned us an Aurora nomination for Best Graphic Novel by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. This is kinda old news but, … Continue reading Accolades for Futility & other comic news

Important 21st Century Rock ‘n’ Roll news: Introducing The Deadly Skulls!

After playing a ton of roots and country for most of the last decade, I had an urge to go back to my hard rock/punk/metal beginnings. With longtime Calgary scene vets Darell Hartlen on drums and Tim Bulb on bass, we hit Echo Base studios where studio whiz Casey Lewis whipped one of our songs into shape. It’s linked on the music page and here. … Continue reading Important 21st Century Rock ‘n’ Roll news: Introducing The Deadly Skulls!

Comic-making resources

    Here are a bunch of places to get things you need and learn about making comics. Questions? Hit me up anytime via social media or email rick@overwater.ca Dead links? Let me know!    BASICS OF WRITING AND SCRIPTING http://channel101.wikia.com/wiki/Story_Structure_101:_Super_Basic_Shit https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/downloads/story-circle-template/ Glossary of comic terms: http://www.balloontales.com/articles/glossary/index.html Sample scripts from brand-name writers (also has a downloadable template): http://www.comicsexperience.com/scripts/ Fred VanLente script templates: http://www.fredvanlente.com/comix.html Strongly consider purchasing: … Continue reading Comic-making resources

Rick Overwater

Busy Guy

2017 has been a blur so far! I’ve sold two short stories, one’s a robot murder-tale you can find the link to here on my site. News of the second is coming soon. After months of filling out applications and creating portfolios (enough time to, seriously, just write a $#@&! novel), I was accepted into two different MFA programs and have chosen the University Of … Continue reading Busy Guy

New short story available, misc. news

When Words Collide 2016 was my fave conference so far. I had a productive pitch session with a publisher, met some fantastic people, attended some great seminars and got excellent advice from veterans like Hayden Trenholm and Eve Silver. I also managed to sneak in a few drinks… A major highlight was the launch of the new anthology Enigma Front: Burnt, which contains my new short story “The Dim … Continue reading New short story available, misc. news

New stories in the works

I’ve been a busy boy over the last year. Among other things, I finished Booming Ground, a six-month writing membership through the University of British Coumbia under the tutelage of author Geoff Cole. Man he whipped me into shape. It was one of the most productive things I’ve ever done as a writer (besides use the craft to pay bills). My new weird west/sci-fi fantasy story The Dim … Continue reading New stories in the works