Agriculture Club

We are back!

It started out as a bit of a late-90s lark for co-founder Colin Johnston and I but, after playing for almost ten years and traveling thousands of van-miles, a lot of people across Canada—and in the US too—were singing along to country-punk songs like The Ballad of Pilsner Beer. Then we took a 15-year break. To our surprise, people kept seeking us out.

So, in 2022 we held a reunion show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Farmageddon album and started writing new songs. In 2023, we played a handful of shows in front of enthusiastic people both young and old—and were blown away by the number of fans we still seem to have.

Eventually, our new website will have more of our history—we have boxes of articles on us, some in languages I can’t read—tons of photos… the whole damn thing has been pretty successful as far as indie bands go.

If I’d known this would be my highwater mark for fame, I probably wouldn’t have shoplifted my stage name “The Rubber Duck” from a C.W. McCall song (“Convoy”) and would likely have chosen something more befitting my eternal-rocker status…

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