R. Overwater is alive and has new stuff brewing

It has been a crazy couple of years! I’ve had more than a few heavy-duty medical calamities but in spite of it all, managed to accomplish a few things anyways. In spring 2021, I finished my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (MFA) at the University of British Columbia. My main focuses were novel writing, graphic novel studies, TV writing, creative non-fiction and a bit of extra stuff like teaching. Looking forward to putting all of it to use before I forget it! My thesis was a crime noir novel, working title Third-hand Smoke. I’m currently looking for a home for it.

I also wrote a crapload of songs and have a new band called the Deadly Skulls that I’m eager to get onto the stage. More about that in the music section, do mosey over and check it out.

With school finished and pandemic restrictions starting to loosen, I’m itching to get a ton of new creative projects underway and you can expect a few announcements as the year progresses.