This is 2019 so far

Man, oh man, have I become the king of biting off more than one can chew. Except that, so far I’m actually chewing it and somewhat digesting too. When I feel overwhelmed, I read the e-letter of Warren Ellis, one of my current living heroes (you should sign up for his newsletter, it’s excellent). Ellis always seems like he’s on the verge of imploding, and yet keeps cranking out awesome stuff in comics, TV, books, you name it. I’m no Warren Ellis but nonetheless..

In the last half of 2018, I did this:

Had a short story, “The House of the Knight’s Nail,” come out in the anthology By the Light of Camelot on EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing / Tesseract Books. I’m told the book is doing great with fans of Arthurian fantasy.

  • Released my (our, I’m dead in the water without my artist/partner Cam Hayden) latest comic, a full-length Futility graphic novel entitled Futility: Orange Planet Horror. Cam (slightly less handsome guy on the right in the pic) and I are quite pleased with how many people have approached us at the Calgary and Edmonton comic expos, looking for it. It’s my highwater mark as a comic writer, but the thing I’m proudest of is the fact that we have done well enough with the first four single issues that those mad bastards at Coffin Hop Press published this new one. Go there and support them!
  • Continued working on my Master’s Degree in creative writing at UBC. I completed another graphic novel course under Governor General’s Award-nominee Sarah Leavitt, worked on my crime-noir novel (stay tuned!) under Charlotte Gill, and completed the teaching component of my masters. I hope to teach someday, I’m actually getting to the point where I have knowledge worth sharing!
  • Wrote a pile of hard rock songs. I was a gigging musician before getting serious about fiction writing, and not having a band to play live with is killing me. School and writing are driving the bus, but I have been jamming sporadically with members of Cowpuncher and the Mad Bombers Society and my old Reeves drummer Chuck Gould. It’s basically our attempt to replicate our fave Swedish rock bands like the Hellacopters, Graveyard etc.,, a swirling mix of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, AC/DC and some SoCal punk so far. I imagine we’ll be on stage by 2039 at this rate.

In 2019 I am:

  • Working on a 10 page Futility story. We are going to bundle the first four (almost sold out) issues of Futilty and release it as a trade with a new short story, guest pinups etc. Please Gawd, let me have this thing ready for Calgary Expo 2020…
  • Pitching a bunch of courses and panels at festivals. Waiting to hear back, watch my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for news.
  • Starting pre-production of my (short) steampunk novel. Working title is the Black City Beneath (for now), coming out on a new publisher in Calgary, Tiny Sledgehammer. Airships, battles, mysterious invaders from an undersea portal, all leading to a horrific alternate history (worse) WW! if our heroes don’t prevail. It will launch this fall/winter, watch here for deets. Cover art will be by GMB Chomichuk, pretty excited about that. LOVE his stuff.
  • Attending a July residency at UBC. I’ll be workshopping short fiction with author instructor John Vigna, I think my submission will be a weirdo-horror sci-fi alternate history tale inspired by the Kimball organ at Canada’s National Music Centre. If I’m on my game, it will be strange—and hopefully good!
  • Doing festivals/conventions. Come see me at When Words Collide in Calgary, Edmonton Expo this fall.

Are you following me on social media? Please do! On Instagram and Twitter, I am rjoverwater, on Face Book, Rick Overwater (Calgary).