Rick Overwater

Busy Guy

2017 has been a blur so far! I’ve sold two short stories, one’s a robot murder-tale you can find the link to here on my site. News of the second is coming soon. After months of filling out applications and creating portfolios (enough time to, seriously, just write a $#@&! novel), I was accepted into two different MFA programs and have chosen the University Of British Columbia. I’ll be starting my Master’s Degree in Writing this fall. Proud to have gotten into UBC;  it’s the oldest MFA program in Canada and highly respected. Hopefully I can sully their reputation for award-winning literature with some genre fiction, we’ll know what I can get away with soon enough.

I’ve got a new 7000-word crime noir tale I’m currently seeking a home for and the next Futility comic script, a 48 page double-issue is now being drawn by my artist/partner Cam Hayden. We hope to have it out for either Calgary or Edmonton Expo in 2018, but seeing as we self-publish, we still have to decide what bank we’re going to rob to finance it.

And, finally, as I  type this, I have a new file open in Scrivener. I have officially begun a new novel. Tentatively titled The Exploding Man, I’m not sure how to describe it. I’m aiming for  (cough) “literary science fiction.” The closest I’ve got to an elevator pitch is “Total Recall meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” But I’m horrible at determining what genre/sub-genre  my own work falls into so… we shall see. I’m hoping it will be deemed suitable to workshop through my UBC peers this fall and look forward to sharing it with you.