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Rick Overwater is a longtime Calgary-based writer and musician. He likes guitars and short sentences.

New tunes in the works

The County Reeves are taking a breather but my longtime co-conspirator Colin Johnston has formed a honky-tonk band called the Hard Luck Ramblers. I was slated to play some guitar for them in summer 2017, but a family emergency caused me to miss out. Hoping Colin will book some more, allowing me to scratch my guitar itch without actually doing any tedious band admin/booking/promoting work for a cha...

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That’s Going to Leave a Mark (blog)

  • All Hail Our Robot Conquerors

    Reading this on my official website? Click “Blog” at the top of this to go to Tumblr and escape this skinny little column!

    The Kindle edition of my newest short story, Schematic Diagram of a Murder Bot is available in this nifty anthology right here: https://www.amazon.com/all-hail-our-robot-conquerors-ebook/dp/b0736wh73r 

    Proud to be among the many well-known authors in this book. Please support the press that supports us!


  • Reading this on my official website? Click “Blog” at the top of this to go to Tumblr and escape this skinny little column!


Busy Guy

2017 has been a blur so far! I’ve sold two short stories, one’s a robot murder-tale you can find the link to here on my site. News of the second is coming soon. After months of filling out applications and creating portfolios (enough time to, seriously, just write a $#@&! novel), I was accepted into two different MFA programs and have chosen the University Of British Columbia. I’ll be starting...

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New short story available, misc. news

When Words Collide 2016 was my fave conference so far. I had a productive pitch session with a publisher, met some fantastic people, attended some great seminars and got excellent advice from veterans like Hayden Trenholm and Eve Silver. I also managed to sneak in a few drinks… A major highlight was the launch of the new anthology Enigma Front: Burnt, which contains my new short story...

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New stories in the works

I’ve been a busy boy over the last year. Among other things, I finished Booming Ground, a six-month writing membership through the University of British Coumbia under the tutelage of author Geoff Cole. Man he whipped me into shape. It was one of the most productive things I’ve ever done as a writer (besides use the craft to pay bills). My new weird west/sci-fi fantasy story The Dim Ben...

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