Writer. Musician. Cultural Itinerant.


Rick Overwater is a longtime Calgary-based writer and musician. He likes guitars and short sentences.

New tunes in the works

The County Reeves are taking a breather but my longtime co-conspirator Colin Johnston has formed a honky-tonk band called the Hard Luck Ramblers. I was slated to play some guitar for them in summer 2017, but a family emergency caused me to miss out. Hoping Colin will book some more, allowing me to scratch my guitar itch without actually doing any tedious band admin/booking/promoting work for a cha...

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That’s Going to Leave a Mark (blog)

  • Futility: Orange Planet Horror — out now!

    Out now on Coffin Hop Press, our fifth issue of Futility is also our first full-length graphic novel. It’s a complete standalone story, but also picks up where Futility #4 left off and we’re pretty proud of it. It’s our best Red Hayes weirdo-space-epic yet!

    I highly urge you to jump on the Coffin Hop website and get yourself one. Watch here for news about electronic and print editions on Amazon and Comixology soon. It’ll be in select Calgary comic shops in the near future too.

    Search “Futility” on Facebook, like our page, and you’ll always be in the loop!



  • New short story!

    Check it out! The Kindle edition of By the Light of Camelot, containing my newest short story, “House of the Knight’s Nail” is already available. Paperback is out this fall. (Tries to think of something “Arthurian”) Uh… Seek ye it here: https://www.amazon.com/Light-Camelot



2018 is already a blur!

So… one year of my UBC MFA is done! Straight As in Creative Writing,  Advanced  Writing for Graphic Forms, and Creative Nonfiction! 1989 Rick is not buying it, but it’s true! The next issue of Futility, a complete graphic novel to be published by Coffin Hop Press, is in production. We launch at Edmonton Expo in Sept. A new short story, The House of the Knight’s Nail appears in th...

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Busy Guy

2017 has been a blur so far! I’ve sold two short stories, one’s a robot murder-tale you can find the link to here on my site. News of the second is coming soon. After months of filling out applications and creating portfolios (enough time to, seriously, just write a $#@&! novel), I was accepted into two different MFA programs and have chosen the University Of British Columbia. I’ll be starting...

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New short story available, misc. news

When Words Collide 2016 was my fave conference so far. I had a productive pitch session with a publisher, met some fantastic people, attended some great seminars and got excellent advice from veterans like Hayden Trenholm and Eve Silver. I also managed to sneak in a few drinks… A major highlight was the launch of the new anthology Enigma Front: Burnt, which contains my new short story...

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